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10 FAVORITES (28) - Sitcom Couples

Back in February, because of my month-long tribute to the Academy Awards (and my predictions, which were almost spot on, if I say so myself!), I missed the opportunity to dedicate a 10 FAVORITES list to Valentine's Day (one of the most popular holidays of the year - especially for greeting card and candy companies!).  So, I decided that this week's 10 FAVORITES should be a sort of "make-up" one (No, it is NOT about cosmetics!). It's about love and couple-hood, more importantly SITCOM couple-hood (so technically, fake love, but whatever)!  In most sitcoms, there always seems to be a "core" couple that everyone in the series (and everyone who watches the show religiously) wants to emulate or see get together or make it work.  So many of today's current shows (Glee, Modern Family, Chuck, The Big Bang Theory and more!) have fans that have dedicated their "blogosphere-lives" (if you can call it a "life," but that's another post!) to promoting the central couples online (via Facebook, Wikipedia, etc.).  So it is safe to say that being a Sitcom couple has the potential to be a pop-culture phenomenon.  But who are the best Sitcom couples?  I know there have been several articles that have pontificated and given their opinions, so why not add mine to the pot?!?!  Here are: 


Ralph & Alice Kramden, The Honeymooners (CBS)
They are the couple that many other couples have been based on or inspired by (The Flintstones, The King of Queens, etc.).  The great Jackie Gleason and the lovable Audrey Meadows infused the blue-collar marriage with hilarious timing and unmatchable delivery.

Kevin Arnold & Winnie Cooper, The Wonder Years (ABC)
Growing up and watching ABC's groundbreaking sitcom (one of the first major "dramedies"), everyone was rooting for awkward Kevin (played by Fred Savage) to make it work with "girl-next-door" Winnie (played by Danica McKellar).  The two became teen icons and forever embodied "first love."

Jim Halpert & Pam Beesly (later Halpert), The Office (NBC)
When the show first began, these two were the most endearing characters mainly because of sales rep Jim's (seemingly) unrequited love for receptionist Pam.  When they finally did get together (and get married AND have a baby), they became the TV's biggest power-couple.

Roseanne & Dan Conner, Roseanne (ABC)
This Sitcom couple proved that you could stay together through anything (and NOT just because of mere necessity).  The brash Roseanne and her big bear of a husband Dan (the highly underrated John Goodman) were never living the high life (except in the last season...and the less said about that, the better!), but through all their blue-collar troubles, they had each other.

Carrie Bradshaw & John James Preston (AKA Mr. Big), Sex and the City (HBO)
It took an entire 6 seasons (and one movie!) for these two disparate lovers to finally come together and tie the knot.  Sarah Jessica Parker's chic sex columnist spent many a sleepless night and a saucy brunch or dinner with her 3 best gal pals pining over Chris Noth's aptly named businessman, sparking a fan base that inspired the creators to make  a second (and really horrible!) movie!

Archie & Edith Bunker, All in the Family (CBS)
Just watching them together singing the iconic theme song to the show demonstrates how these two felt about each other.  Good-hearted bigot Archie and his ever-so-sweet-but-scatterbrained wife Edith (played to perfection by Carroll O'Connor and Jean Stapleton, respectively) were in one of the most groundbreaking sitcoms of all-time, where nothing was off-limits.

Cliff & Clair Huxtable, The Cosby Show (NBC)
He was a doctor and she was a lawyer, now talk about your power-couples!  What always struck me about their relationship was how much they not only loved each other, but respected each other, which is what every person wants in their marriages and relationships.  We could all take a lesson from Mr. Cosby and Ms. Rashad!

Marge & Homer Simpson, The Simpsons (FOX)
As most of you know (from my Simpsons posts earlier this year), I am a huge fan of this couple.  Homer may be a simpleton and Marge may be slightly neurotic, but their love is strong and pure.  I think of them every time I hear The Carpenters' rendition of "Close to You" (only true Simpsons fans would understand that reference!).

Ross Geller & Rachel Greene, Friends (NBC)
More so than Jim and Pam or Carrie and Big, this couple had fans salivating and asking "Will They?" or "Won't They?" everywhere.  It has been 7 years since Friends ended (and almost 17 since it began, man I'm old!), but David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston will forever be remembered for the relationship that set '90s pop-culture a-buzz (now matter what bad movies they make now!).

Lucy & Ricky Ricardo, I Love Lucy (CBS)
Even though the show was on long before I was born and I never really cared for the show (but I will never deny the influence and fanbase it has), this was the couple to which every other TV couple was compared.  It didn't hurt that the two actors (Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz) were really married at the time and were television's first major power-couple (they ran their own studio!).

Sam Malone & Diane Chambers, Cheers (NBC)
No other couple matches the chemistry between these two and you felt it the minute the sweet and snobbish college student first walked into the ex-pitcher and smooth ladies' man's bar.  Shelley Long and Ted Danson were perfect in their roles and audiences tuned in every week to see if one of their long childish arguments would end with a passionate kiss.

Special Thanks have to go out to the fans of these show who create FanVids on YouTube dedicated to some of these couples.  It makes it easier to find videos that best define these couples' relationships even though some of the respective production companies don't allow their property on the site.  Next week, we stay in the Television realm by talking about the "buzziest" show in the last year: the FOX musical phenomenon that is GLEE!

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