Friday, October 28, 2011

Top 60 Sitcoms...In 30 Days! - The Best Sitcom of All-Time

Well, here we are!  30 days ago, I started my list of the 60 Greatest Sitcoms of All-Time.  Now, we have arrived at the moment of truth.  The Sitcom that has earned the honored position of #1.  Before I reveal the beloved series, take a "quick look" below at the 59 other Sitcoms you have seen over the past few weeks.  After that recap, you shall see which highly acclaimed Sitcom was so deserving of the #1 spot in our Countdown.

60. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
59. Community
58. Coach
57. South Park
56. Scrubs
55. Head of the Class
54. Parks and Recreation
53. Diff'rent Strokes
52. Welcome Back, Kotter
51. The Drew Carey Show
50. The Office
49. 3rd Rock From the Sun
48. Family Matters
47. NewsRadio
46. Benson
45. Modern Family
44. The Bob Newhart Show
43. WKRP In Cincinnati
42. The Honeymooners
41. Wings
40. The Big Bang Theory
39. Designing Women
38. Mad About You
37. Family Guy
36. Perfect Strangers
35. How I Met Your Mother
34. Three's Company
33. Arrested Development
32. Newhart
31. Maude
30. Married...With Children
29. Laverne & Shirley
28. Hogan's Heroes
27. Will & Grace
26. The Andy Griffith Show
25. Bewitched
24. Soap
23. Roseanne
22. The Odd Couple
21. Family Ties
20. 30 Rock
19. Taxi
18. The Dick Van Dyke Show
17. The Jeffersons
16. Happy Days
15. The Mary Tyler Moore Show
14. Barney Miller
13. Murphy Brown
12. Frasier
11. I Love Lucy
10. Everybody Loves Raymond
9. Night Court
8. Seinfeld
7. Friends
6. The Golden Girls
5. The Simpsons
4. All In the Family
3. The Cosby Show
2. M*A*S*H


1. Cheers, NBC (1982-1993)
What made this Sitcom so great?  Was it the eleven years as a highly respected program?  Was it the delightful cast whose careers became synonymous with their characters?  Was it the multiple upon multiple Emmy Awards and nominations the series received throughout its critically acclaimed run (even after Kirstie Alley took over for original star Shelley Long halfway through!)?  Or was it just the fact that many hilarious memories can come from just thinking of that quaint Boston bar (which has now become a "tourist mecca" in the New England metropolis!)?  Growing up in the 1980s, Cheers was the Sitcom to watch.  It was (even then!) considered the definitive in sophisticated writing, quirky characters, entertaining ensemble and perfect storytelling.  The finale (in May of 1993) was as much of an event (especially on NBC!) as any other program I had ever seen.  The relationship between former baseball pitcher-turned bartender Sam Malone (Ted Danson) and snooty waitress Diane Chambers (Ms. Long, who departed the show midway through its run) became the standard that all other great TV couples have been measured against.  Characters like Carla Tortelli (the spunky Rhea Perlman), Cliff Clavin (PIXAR fave John Ratzenberger), Dr. Frasier Crane (Kelsey Grammer, who successfully lead his own spin-off series!) and Norm Petersen (the brilliantly funny George Wendt) became a part of our lives.  The show even launched Woody Harrelson's successful career (two Oscar nods is not bad for the boy who started playing a dim-witted hick bartender!).  Though not the ratings juggernaut it soon became in its run, critical praise and tons of Emmy love (plus lots of support from NBC executive Brandon Tartikoff!) kept the show on people's radar enough to make it one of the most beloved programs both in its initial runs and during syndication.  I guess people always "want to go where people know people are all the same."  I guess we just "want to go where everybody knows your name."

There you have it.  The #1 Sitcom of All-Time is a show I grew up with being praised left and right.  All of these Sitcoms have influenced so much of what is on TV today.  I hope you enjoyed this list and if you disagree with the choices, that's okay!  We are all allowed our own opinions.  Each of these shows (no matter where they ranked here!) have earned a place in someone's heart.

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