Thursday, May 3, 2012

IT'S THE LITTLE THINGS: Where are all the Superheroes?

It is May and all forms of Entertainment knows what that means.  On Broadway, the Tony Award Nominations are announced signaling the end of the current Theatre Season.  On Television, that wonderful time known as May Sweeps ushers in countless Season Finales of all the Broadcast shows.  And in Film, the Summer Movie period begins and major blockbusters come rolling in to theaters (along with all the money they make for all the Hollywood Studios!).  The first one of these blockbusters for this Summer is Marvel's highly anticipated action-adventure film The Avengers featuring the stars of Marvel's previous films Iron Man, Captain America and Thor.  Based on the successful Marvel Comics series, The Avengers is about the assemblage of a group of powerful Superheroes from the Government-created super-soldier (Captain America) to the scientist who you "wouldn't like when angry" (The Incredible Hulk) to the arrogant and rich inventor (Iron Man) to the Norse God of Thunder (Thor).  Each use their individual powers and strengths in creating the ultimate team against some powerful enemies.

I am one of the many people excited to see this movie as it opens in U.S. theaters this weekend and I do plan to see it before the weekend is up (hoping my schedule allows so!).  But as I was thinking about this movie and seeing the many advertisements (and product endorsements) this film has aired on Television, I started to think about our Culture and what kind of heroes (or superheroes?) exist today.  But what is the definition of Superhero?  A Superhero, as I have come to define one, is a person who uses his or her special abilities and knowledge for a greater good.  They use their talents to benefit others.  To relate it to Marvel: With their great power, comes their greater responsibility.  So as I started to think of the people in today's Culture that would qualify (be they from the world of politics, sports, entertainment or business), I realized this is a question that is completely subjective.  I mean, yes the standard names came to mind as potential contenders (President Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Bono, The Dalai Lama, or anyone who volunteers to serve and fight for their country).  But for each person I came up with, I thought of several people who might disagree or have reason to disagree (and do so loudly!).  So instead of coming up with a list of people I think could be considered for Superhero team (a la The Avengers!), I decided its time to pose the question out there in InternetLand.  And believe me I know I could be getting some strange answers, but I'm going to ask anyway: Who in our Culture do you consider to be a Superhero?  You can answer in the comments below (just keep your language civil and clean!).  They can be from anywhere: politics, entertainment or even your own life (if there is someone in your life you believe to be a Superhero!). Maybe if we find enough Superheroes in this world, we should have them "Assemble!"

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  1. Superheroes are those who work to make the world around them better. Unfortunately, I don't believe there are too many celebrities who fit that completely. Though they certainly can have elements of that in their lives. It is difficult to know if their motives are altruistic or not. I'm thinking of people like George Clooney and Bill Gates who have dedicated themselves to causes at great cost (though chump change to themselves). But it should be something we should all strive for in some way in out lives.