Tuesday, March 18, 2014

THE MUPPET SHOW: Every Episode Ranked - Part VIII

Season 2, Episode 19 - A Little Peace and Quiet
The comic genius that was Peter Sellers was a perfect guest for the Muppets because he was just as zany as they were.  He could play any character: be it a gypsy violinist, a southern preacher, a german massage therapist or even Queen Victoria (as a hairy viking?!?! - see below).  In addition to Sellers, Kermit is harried backstage by certain Muppets (namely Beaker!) constantly disappearing and re-appearing (obviously the answer is in Muppet Labs!).  All the zaniness is balanced out when Kermit, who is just looking for "a little peace and quiet," sings a beautiful rendition of his anthem "Bein' Green" (like he did a year before in the Peter Ustinov episode, here it just makes more sense!).


Season 3, Episode 5 - Surely You Joust
Pearl Bailey was an amazing trailblazer of a performer and yet another guest who was perfect for The Muppet Show.  She sings a rousing gospel song and a charming duet with Floyd.  But, of course, the biggest highlight of the episode is the finale (which is causing all the concerns backstage!).  Kermit has scheduled the Muppets to perform "the jousting scene from Camelot" as the finale and certain Muppets have a problem with it (namely Floyd, who has been cast as one of the knights!).  When Kermit tries to cancel it, he is met with more resistance (this time Gonzo, who is the other knight!).  This jousting scene, ironically, features no actual songs from Camelot; but it does feature songs from almost every other great Musical of Broadway's Golden Age (e.g. My Fair Lady, West Side Story, Guys and Dolls, Gypsy, etc.).


Season 4, Episode 9 - Pigoletto
Beverly Sills was the great opera diva who also championed the New York Arts, in particular all the things at Lincoln Center.  But that doesn't mean she didn't know how to get down and have a little fun!  And the Muppets were happy to help her do just that.  First, Fozzie mistakes her for a Country music diva and asks her tap dance!  Second, she tries a little "spoon-hanging" with Gonzo.  And lastly, she auditions pigs for her finale "Pigoletto" (seen below) and, of course, Miss Piggy wants to be featured.  And of course, it is quite awesome!


Season 1, Episode 17 - Bear In a Box
I love Ben Vereen in anything he does.  Be it Pippin or Roots or his recurring role on How I Met Your Mother, he is just an all-around talent.  And his appearance on The Muppet Show is clearly no exception. He sings Chicago's "Mr. Cellophane," dances the boogie-woogie and beautifully serenades a Muppet with the Willy Wonka anthem "Pure Imagination" (seen below).  During all this, he is constantly the target of Crazy Harry's antics.  On top of that, Fozzie gets locked in a magician's box and has to spend the whole episode trapped (he even does his act from inside the box!).  Side note: This happens to be the highest ranking episode from the first season on the list.


Season 4, Episode 19 - Wonder Muppets
With Wonder Woman herself as the guest star, most of the Muppets (led mostly by Scooter) want to try to be superheroes too.  And boy is it hilarious!  They're all reading a book about "How to Be a Superhero."  Miss Piggy even coaxes Kermit to allow her to do a sketch (that she wrote!) called "Wonder Pig."  The best part (as both my brother and I agree!) is when Scooter and the other Muppets trying to be superheroes read the chapter about Flying.  In addition, Ms. Carter performs some great songs including "Rubber Band Man" and "Orange-Colored Sky" (seen below).  Plus, Janice performs a good rendition of "With a Little Help From My Friends" in a human sacrifice setting!

Coming Soon: THE TOP TEN!!!!

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