Saturday, June 26, 2010

The 100 Best Movies: Introduction

At least in my opinion they are. Over the next several days, I will share with the world my 100 favorite movies, one at a time. Now, you may be asking yourself: "Why is this guy's 100 favorite movies important?" and the short answer is: They're not. But the long answer includes the reasons I started this blog. I have loved movies for as long as I can remember. My father always took me and my brother to the newest blockbuster and we always rented videos, watched classic films on TV, etc. I have seen tons of films and I feel it is time to make a list of my 100 favorite. I also like to hear about other people's favorite films. I enjoy a great discussion and if someone out there has a favorite film I've never seen, I might want to take a look at that film. I also have a lot of films on this list that would most likely be on other people's lists. I hope that by mentioning these films (in their own post within the blog), I remind people of their favorites and the positive memories that film may bring them.

Now, you may be asking yourself: "What kind of movies will be on this list?" and in order to answer that, you need to understand a little bit about what genres are my favorites. For as long as I have loved movies, I have loved the theatre and musicals for even longer. Musicals is one genre you will see a plethora of on this list. Another couple of genres that dominate this list are Animation (particularly Disney), Comedy, Fantasy, Adventure and Science-Fiction. My appreciation for all these genres can be traced somewhere in my family, in particular my brother, who perhaps has been the biggest influence on my movie watching life (aside from musicals that is). However, because this is a personal 100 list, there are a couple of genres you may not find on this list. Westerns are not very prominent on this list but that is a personal preference. I've just never been that crazy for the genre. Another genre missing is horror films, especially slasher films. Growing up in the '80's and '90's, there were tons of these, but they just aren't my cup of tea. But most of the films that are on the list do come from different genres. I find I am very eclectic in what are my favorites. Some of the films are on the list because they have a personal connection for me. For example, it could be a film I watched with a beloved family member or a good friend. That said, some of the entries on the list will have a page-long explanation and others might be just a short paragraph.

I cannot say enough times, this is a personal 100 list. These are films that are favorites of mine, for various reasons. You are perfectly free to disagree with me. In fact, open discussions are widely encouraged. I do, however, have a few rules when it comes to discussing and commenting. They are not bad rules. They are pretty standard.
1. No name calling or swearing. As said before, you are perfectly free to disagree, but let's not put this on a childish level. Any comments like these will be deleted. Let's have some class and dignity in our comments, please.
2. Disagree but with reason. It works if you disagree but I like open discussion. If you say: "That movie SUCKS!," it doesn't give me much to respond to. Give me a reason why you believe the movie "SUCKS!"

One more suggestion, at least to those who might disagree with some of the choices. If you dislike (or have negative memories of) a particular movie, I suggest that you re-watch the film with fresh eyes. Make sure that it truly is as bad as you think it is. Your reaction might surprise you. Sometimes it takes a couple viewings for me to like a film. That said, most of the films on this list, I enjoyed after the first viewing.

So to sum up this introduction: This is a personal list of my favorite 100 films that I am sharing with the world. I wholeheartedly welcome discussion and differing opinions. I would especially love it if I remind someone of a favorite of theirs.

As I am revealing this list one at a time, I will try to keep updating with one film a day. I may double up with two (or even three if I feel adventurous) in a day. So please be patient with me when waiting for the next post. With all that said, let's begin the countdown!

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