Thursday, July 8, 2010

The 100 Best Movies: #85

85. Spider-Man (2002)

One of the better films to come out of the onslaught of comic book movies in the last decade, Marvel Comics' classic hero gets the big screen treatment to full effect. Tobey Maguire is a perfect Peter Parker (say that three times fast!) and a thrilling Spider-Man. What is honestly great about this movie though, aside from the intense action sequences and high-flying adventures, is the way in which they treat the hero's origins. Other comic book movies either gloss over the origin or give it a cinematic difference from the rest of the film that sometimes doesn't make sense. Here, the origins are the crux of the story and, in many ways, its heart. One cannot forget the words of Uncle Ben (touchingly played by Oscar-winner Cliff Robertson), "With great power, comes great responsibility." Plus it has what is considered to be the most romantic (and, over the past few years, most parodied) kisses in a comic book film. It was followed by a fairly decent sequel (which was followed by a very ho-hum sequel) and SONY Entertainment is looking to revamp the franchise in the coming months (casting a fresh-faced newcomer in the lead). This first film is worth a look for its character development, action scenes and sheer AWESOMENESS!!!

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