Thursday, July 1, 2010

The 100 Best Movies: #93

93. A League of Their Own (1992)

Yes, it's another Girls-can-do-sports film, but this movie is quite enjoyable. The story, while extremely formulaic, does have the right chemistry in it. For those who have not seen it, the movie tells the story of the first season of the All-Girls baseball league formed during World War II while most of the best Major League male players were off being soldiers. Director Penny Marshall (Laverne from Laverne & Shirley) fills the movie with several montages that show the passage of time for these women and each moment speaks to the close bond they form. The movie features a charming and delightful cast lead by Geena Davis (as the star catcher) and the amazingly funny Tom Hanks (as the drunken manager). The supporting players are quite good as well playing characters that each play up to the actress' personas (especially Madonna's). It may be schmaltzy and uber-sweet, but it still is a delightful film to watch.

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  1. Usually, I don't like movies about sports. I'm not into sports too much, but I did like this one. Not to mention Geena Davis is a great actress, and Tom Hanks is just a wonderful. That probably had a lot to do with it. Like the blog =). (Btw, I found it through WDC and followed it over here.)