Thursday, July 8, 2010

The 100 Best Movies: #86

86. Radio Days (1987)

This one is another little known and rarely seen film, but it is a delightful Woody Allen comedy that features so many of his "stock company." The film (with Allen's narration) tells the story of the Glory Days of radio as seen through the eyes of a boy (played by Seth Green and presumably a young Woody Allen) and his family. What we are given is a series of vignettes involving the crazy yet endearing family and the wild antics of the stars and wannabe celebrities of radio. It is among Woody Allen's best work, in my opinion, and it features several actors he has worked well with in other films. Cast highlights include Dianne Wiest as the boy's free-spirited and single-but-looking Aunt Bea and Julie Kavner (better known as the voice of Marge Simpson) as his loving and nagging mother. There is also a great performance from Mia Farrow (a few years before her huge falling out with Allen) as a cigarette girl who becomes a classy radio socialite. In addition to the great script and top-notch cast, the movie has some beautiful scenery designed by Broadway set designer Santo Loquasto who takes you from an ordinary Brooklyn neighborhood to the bright lights of Manhattan perfectly. It is a great film and a must-see for all Woody Allen fans.

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